Professional :: Affordable :: Service Website Development Torrent Technology develops websites utilizing current trends and technology to help your company create a presence on the Internet. Depending on your business needs, we can evaluate your requirements to help deliver company website that will help you obtain your goals. The design of your site will determine whether your website will be successful. Below are several elements that need to be considered when designing a winning website: Business Needs - eCommerce: Am I selling my product through my website? - Customer Portal: How will I maintain and secure this information? - Regulatory/Complaince issues: Does my business have specific regulation or compliance rules that need to be followed? - Security: What level of security do I require? Branding - Logo: Is my logo professional and relevant? - Domain Name: Is my domain name available, if not what are my options? Marketing - Search Enginge Optimization (SEO): How do I make sure I position my website favorably? - Analytics: How do I know if my website is effective? - Social Media Marketing: Is there any advantage to pursuing marketing through social media? Target Demographics - Technical requirements: How will my website be accessed? Does it need to be mobile friendly? - Special needs: Do I have special need users that I need to accommodate? Most small businesses do not have the experience to tackle all of these issues while running a business. Torrent Technology has the experience to guide you through all of the obstacles of developing a solid website design that will help you meet your business needs. Professional Services >> Copyright ©2008-2023 :: Torrent Technology LLC :: All Rights Reserved